SLS 3D Printing Australia

Upload your 3D files and get an instant quote for our SLS 3D Printing Services in Australia, we have various materials from Sinterit & EOS great for prototyping, small to medium parts production.

What is SLS?

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is a powder-based 3D printing technology. It makes use of a high powered laser that selectively scans a thin layer of powder and sinters the small powdered plastic particles together to form 3D object, layer by layer.

Benefits of Industrial SLS 3D Printing

Unlike most other additive manufacturing technologies, SLS does not require any form of support as the leftover unsintered powder acts as self-supporting material. Thus, extremely complex geometries are made possible.

The technology is a great choice when 3D printing functional prototypes as SLS printed parts are robust and will not become brittle over time. In fact, the durability of parts created with SLS technology is on par with those produced through traditional manufacturing methods such as injection moulding.

In comparison to MJF, SLS also has more material options.

PA12 Grey
Perfect for detailed objects and general prototypes
  • detailed printouts
  • complex spatial shapes
  • structural or mechanical elements
  • functional prototypes or final parts
  • chemically resistant objects

Polypropylene (PP)
PP material with good mechanical properties. Dedicated for prototyping of PP parts, as well as functional parts utilizing chemical resistance, weldability and ductility
  • automotive industry (reservoirs, piping, housings)
  • plastic parts producers (integrate with injection molded PP)
  • laboratories (custom chemical tools,i.e holders or vessels)
  • quality, low volume production of low stress parts
  • general prototyping of PP parts

Sinterit Materials

TPU Flexa Grey

General purpose elastic TPU material for prototyping. Reasonable elongation with ease of use. Shore hardness in type A scale 70 / 90


  • standard rubber items

  • prototypes and design

  • shock and vibration absorbers

  • protectors

EOS PA2200
EOS materials based on polyamide 12 are a high-performance alternative to plastics like ABS or PA6 that have proven their value in injection molding. The additively manufactured end products are just as strong, flexible and durable as molded parts.

Industrial SLS Materials