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Our Stereolithography (SLA) is industrial grade, provide high accuracy prototypes with fast turnaround and in short lead time.  The material that we are running is ABS-Like resin in milky white color allows you to further apply other post processing such as spray painting.  We also produce final parts with this material subject to your application usage.  We can also produce clear parts for you with clear resin with extra polishing to make the parts clear.  

HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) is an industrial 3D printing process that produces functional prototypes and end-use production parts. We have daily run of production due to it's high speed of printing process and produce high quality of parts with great accuracy and finishing. Raw parts are in light grey and we can dye the parts to black, dark green, grey and dark blue.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is another industrial 3D printing process which the raw materials are in powder form.  We have two grades of SLS process from workbench level to industrial depends on the material types and your business need.  This process suitable for high-low mix of production volume.  




Vacuum Casting
Vacuum Casting


Vacuum casting is one of the effective methods for the swift production of high-quality prototypes. A cost-efficient alternative to the conventional injection-molding process, it uses two components: polyurethane (PU) casting resins and silicone molds. This produces prototypes and end-use products quickly even when accommodating design changes.